Apartment in Juffair

Apartment in Juffair
BHD 80,000
Listing ID: AP442
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
December 16, 2017

A spacious apartment covered by brand new and furnished bed sheets, drapes and dining table. It is accommodated with an elegant kitchen that is reflected with the color of the ceramic and walls. The apartment is located in a serene area and is easily accessible. An area that is located within the boundaries of numerous food courts. It is a refined location that attracts tourists. Key Features: 1. Multiple Escalators. 2. The rooftop provides a gymnasium and a swimming pool thus having a great scenery of your surrounding. 3. Secured parking space. 4. 1 Bedroom connected with a bathroom. 5. Dining Room 6. TV with a receiver

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